What do you and Julia Child have in common?

My daughter portrayed Julia Child in her school’s “wax museum”— an educational exercise in portraying a biographical figure. As often happens when kids learn new things, their parents do also. I learned that Julia Child was a Pasadena, California native who grew up, got married,  and began her second career as a French trained cook and cookbook authoress in Paris. Today she is known for her work as a cook and teacher and even as a television personality.

In 1995, upon considering her full and famous life as well as her advanced age, Julia Child established The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts to further her impact as a teacher and mentor after her death. The Foundation not only grants funds to other non-profit organizations and presents awards, but also protects and continues her very personal legacy. In fact, I read that the Foundation is an aggressive guardian of her estate. The Foundation is known for its diligent and aggressive protection of Child’s image and life’s work.

You and I may not be as wealthy or renowned as Julia Child. Still, we all have a legacy. Your legacy is your estate, your assets, your likeness, and even your intellectual and creative property. When you become incapacitated or die, your nominated agents under your Will or Trust become the protectors of such things. That’s right, your agents not only do the work of paying your creditors and distributing your assets, they also protect your image and carry on your legacy.

We, at Believers Stewardship Services, Inc., would encourage you to review your estate planning documents with these thoughts in mind: Does the corporation or persons you have chosen to act as your Trustee have the ability and trustworthiness to settle your affairs, distribute your assets to your beneficiaries, and also be knowledgeable or savvy enough to protect your legacy and carry on your life’s work in the way you would want it done? If not and you would like assistance, please contact us.

By: Ella Gentile

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  • Stephen Robert Jelinek
    May 12, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Jesus instructs us to lay up treasure in heaven (Matthew 6:20). Jesus also instructs us to multiply our talents (Matthew 25:14-28) Where are the investment opportunities that multiply talent, and lay up treasure in heaven? Christian wealth belongs in enterprise that does both.

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