Living Will

A Living Will is closely related to the Advance Medical Directive. It provides some direction for your agent when it comes to making end-of-life decisions. And, it deals only with end-of-life decisions.

What are end-of-life decisions? These are medical decisions regarding life-sustaining treatment. The person must be in a “persistent vegatative state” or “irreversible coma” or have a terminal illness such that continued treatment will only prolong the inevitable. In these situations, you can request that certain treatment not be used, such as a feeding tube or heroic measures to sustain life.

Again, this is a state specific document and different states have different requirements for instructions that can be included in the document and for execution of the document. Furthermore, many states have included Living Will instructions in the Advance Medical Directive. This makes a lot of sense, as it provides written direction to the person you have nominated to make decisions.

BSS can assist you in determining the proper form to use and in answering any other questions you may have.