Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not only for the wealthy; it is for everyone. It is simply the process of deciding where, when and how the assets entrusted to your stewardship will be distributed after your death. As Christians we realize that we are not owners of material assets, but merely caretakers or stewards of the Lord’s assets. With that truth in mind, planning an estate to pass those resources on in a way that honors God and furthers His work is clearly a believer’s responsibility as part of his or her testimony.

For families with minor children, estate planning is essential. A properly drafted and executed Will is the only document that a Court will recognize that addresses the custody of a minor child should something happen to the parents. A proper Will and Trust will assure that your children are taken care of without on-going intervention by a Court.

Estate Planning also includes making sure that the appropriate individuals have the authority to manage your financial matters (Power of Attorney), your health matters (Advanced Medical Directive), and end-of-life decisions (Living Will).

The professionals at BSS work with individuals, local assemblies and associated ministries to provide free education and literature, presented from a biblical stewardship perspective, to educate the Lord’s people about sound stewardship through proper estate planning. BSS also works directly with individuals and small groups in private meetings to help design estate plans that meet both their family needs and their ministry goals. As with our financial counseling, we welcome the opportunity to work with your other professional advisors to ensure all relevant information is considered to meet your goals in the most cost-efficient and tax-advantageous manner. To get started using our services, contact us for additional information or complete and submit to us our confidential Personal Financial Organizer.