Helpful Links

Tax and Tax-Exemption Help

Internal Revenue Service Forms, Instructions, and Publications

The IRS offers all of its forms, instructions, and publications on this page of its website.


Tax Information for Charities & Other Non-Profits (including Churches)

The IRS offers this portion of its website to help with questions faced by charities and non-profits. Included on this page are tips on applying for tax-exempt status, reinstating tax-exempt status, understanding unrelated business income tax, substantiating charitable contributions, etc.


Employment Taxes for Exempt Organizations

The IRS offers this portion of its website to assist exempt organizations in distinguishing independent contractors from employees, filing the appropriate tax documents for each, etc.


Worth’s Income Tax Guide for Ministers

This guide assists ministers of the gospel (e.g., missionaries and full-time workers) and commending churches in understanding the housing allowance, record keeping requirements, etc.


Payout and Discount Rates

Current Charitable Gift Annuity Rates

This page documents the rates adopted by most charitable organizations (including BSS) for payouts on charitable gift annuities.


Applicable Federal Rates (AFRs)

This IRS page provides the rates that are used for a variety of technical calculations, including calculating the deductible portions of various planned giving tools.


Partner Organizations

Although definitely not an exhaustive list of the charities we support through our work and donor advised funds, this provides a snapshot of some of the organizations with which we partner:

In the U.S.A.:

Assembly Care Ministries

Christian Missions in Many Lands

Christian Workers Fellowship

Emmaus Correspondence School

Emmaus Bible College

Stewards Advisory Services

Stewards Foundation

Stewards Ministries

In Canada:

Everyday Publications

FBH International

Legacy Ministries Canada

MSC Canada