Ministry Spotlight: Associates for Biblical Research

The Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) is a Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to demonstrating the historical reliability of the Bible through archaeological and biblical research. It performs original research and has a team of archaeologists on its staff.

Where are the digs located and how large are the teams?

ABR is the only evangelical Christian archaeological organization sponsoring digs in Israel. This past year, it fielded a team of 110 volunteers and staff at its excavation at the ancient and renowned city of Shiloh. In addition, another 100 individuals volunteered 1-3 days of their time to help the ABR team. This was the largest archaeological team in Israel this summer! The dig will continue for a number of years.

When did the ministry begin?

ABR incorporated in 1969. The first Director was David Livingston who, with a growing archaeological interest and focus, gave it a biblical archaeology emphasis. In 1972, James Reid, an aerospace engineer, became Director and furthered the scientific and biblical emphasis for the ministry.

Today, the ministry is overseen by Board members, several of whom are in assembly fellowship (i.e., meet in accordance with New Testament principles). ABR’s Chairman is our own President and CEO Robert Sullivan.

Why archaeology?

The modern science of archaeology, which began in the mid-1800s, has revolutionized our knowledge of the ancient biblical world. Many archaeological discoveries relate directly to Scripture and confirm the historicity of the biblical record. Other discoveries provide fascinating background material for the biblical narratives.

Today’s technology has enabled archaeological research and publication to be greatly accelerated. More information is now being produced than ever before. It is even hard for professionals to keep up with the most recent developments.

How do I get involved?

You can subscribe to ABR’s email newsletter or its non-technical quarterly publication, Bible and Spade. If you want to take part in the dig, you could join ABR at Shiloh next summer (you can go for a week or more next June). To learn more, go to

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