In 1941, David Allison was born in Angola, Africa, of Scottish missionary parents. After schooling in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), he became a certified Trust Officer with a large Trust Company, engaging in estate planning and accounting.

In 1975, he and his wife, Lorraine, and their son and daughter came to the USA for Dave to serve as Business Administrator of Emmaus Bible College (EBC).  Sometime during 1978, Dave was encouraged by others at EBC to assist assembly believers with stewardship, thereby encouraging those believers, in turn, to support the Lord’s work. Intervening events that resulted in EBC moving from Oak Park, Illinois, to Dubuque, Iowa, put the development of a planned giving program on hold. Still, the burden continued to be developed culminating in 1985 when the Board of Trustees of EBC gave its blessing to support and establish a Trust Services program. The next six years were spent gathering the team of workers and preparing the launch of Emmaus Trust Services (ETS) in January 1991.

In its infancy, the program faced many challenges, including the lack of funding and clearing up misunderstandings regarding the nature of the ministry. Nevertheless, the program kept the focus on assisting believers who desired to be good stewards of the accumulated resources with which God had blessed them. The work remained under the banner of ETS for the next decade.

In 2001, the Trustees of EBC reviewed many compelling reasons to establish the program in a new tax-exempt charity that would better serve the assembly constituency and ministries. Thus Believers Stewardship Services (BSS) was incorporated. Throughout its existence, the Board of Directors has established policy and has given direction and encouragement to management, resulting in a great foundation for the ministry. In 2009, the ministry grew to encompass not only Trust Services and Planned Giving programs, but also investment advisory services by becoming a Registered Investment Advisor.

In 2015, Rob Sullivan joined the ministry as the new President and CEO learning under Dave’s tutelage. The ministry continues to grow and is increasingly engaged by local fellowships of believers and other ministries to assist with matters of corporate governance (i.e., bylaws, protections from lawsuits, tax and regulatory obligations).