“Hi! Hello! What do you do?”

By: Ella Gentile

Do you get a bit anxious when asked? Do you want to answer, “I am not defined by my profession!” but you also want to make a new friend and connection? (I am not admitting, nor denying to those being my initial reactions.) Do you mask what you do to sound more modest? A gentleman once told me, “Oh, you know…I work with lawyers.” When pressed as to what that meant, he admitted, “I am a lawyer.” I smiled and replied, “Oh! Me too,” to which he asked me if I was serious or joking. I assured him I was serious.

On another occasion my husband, Jesse, played the piano for the little assembly because they had no one there to play for them. Then, when the appropriate time came, he stepped up to the podium and preached. Afterwards, a kindly woman approached me exclaiming, “Wow! He plays the piano and preaches?! He sure is talented! You’re so lucky. Do you play?” I had to shrug and admit I do not. She then looked at me pitifully and threw me a proverbial bone: “I’m sure you’re busy doing other things.” I did not tell her I practice law in three states and have other sorts of interesting hobbies like paleo cooking. I just smiled and nodded. There is a time to smile and nod and a time to speak up.

If you are an attorney who practices law in a jurisdiction within the United States of America or Canada – or if you know of one who is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ – preferably one in the local assemblies with a heart for the Lord’s work, please speak up! Reach out to us. Get in touch. What do we want with such a person? We want to add them to our network, coordinate our efforts for the Lord’s work, and potentially send them clients.

Believers Stewardship Services, Inc. is in the unique and reputable position of having clients who need legal services across various areas of law and jurisdictions. Do you know immigration law? We have elders asking us questions that you could answer better than we can. Do you practice estate planning and trust law? Do you know tax law? Do you know how to prepare a simple deed and record it with the county? I will send you clients eager for your help. Do you work in an area of law or for a firm that does not permit you to do any of those things but want to just throw your name in the ring as a “Hello, hi! I’m here.” I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Attorneys, please email me at [email protected]. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and being encouraged as we work together for Him because He is worthy.

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