Estate Planning Services

Talk to Believer’s Stewardship Services about how we can help you and your family to plan out your estate in a personalized, hassle-free and cost-effective way

Why is estate planning important?

Having an effective and meaningful estate plan in place provides peace of mind, turns the best intentions into actions and secures the future of your legacy and estate in a meaningful and legal way. Let’s not leave the most important things to chance, create your plan today

Believer’s Stewardship Services works with an attorney in your state who will review your estate plan and make sure everything is in order based on your unique circumstances

Creating your estate plan should be convenient. You can take care of your estate plan from the comfort of your own home in less than 45 minutes! If you need help, we can connect you with a professional to help guide you through the process step by step over the web or over the phone.

Besides securing your home, you can also name guardians for your children, plan for all of your other assets, assign beneficiaries, resolve key estate planning issues like succession, etc you can also share your documents with those who need to have them on secure servers.

As you start putting everything in order, please feel free to use our forms to organize your estate planning information before you begin

Funding Your Estate Plan

Transfer property into my trust


If you own real estate that hasn’t been transferred into your living trust, you’ll need to get a new deed.

Let us help you!

Fund other assets into my trust


Other types of assets will also need to be updated when you have a living trust. 

Download our free asset funding guide.