Prayer and Financial Needs Updates

BSS is in a position to be aware of the needs of many ministries. We highlight some of these in our quarterly newsletter. We also make some of these needs known on this page. The New Testament pattern is to bring such matters to the attention of the Lord’s people and to allow the Spirit to lead the saints in the appropriate support (2 Corinthians 8). Prayer should be at the forefront of any and all support.

BSS is frequently made aware of pressing needs across the assembly landscape. It could be that a fire damaged a camp or an assembly-run outreach is in need of a new kitchen or a new work is being undertaken in a dangerous place. Provided here is a list of those needs that have been brought to our attention for your prayerful support:

  • Assembly Care Ministries: There is a real need to provide medical consultation to our missionaries and national commended workers. The ACM Health Line is a telephone/internet call center of assembly volunteers (all medical professionals) ready and willing to take health-related queries. This does not take the place of insurance, but can potentially mitigate the cost of a medical visit. While people are donating their time, there is still a huge infrastructure cost.
  • Camp Iroquoina: Back in 2013, the camp suffered a catastrophic fire to its chapel. For the next two years, all chapel services were held in a makeshift tent during the summer season. In 2016, a new chapel was constructed. However, there is still a long way to go in paying off associated costs.
  • Emmaus Bible College: Funds are needed in support of the college’s scholarship fund. EBC provides its students with a solid grounding in God’s word coupled with vocational studies. Most EBC students are in need of some financial aid. This fund contributes to meet this need.

BSS may be able to help facilitate your giving to these needs.