Counseling Christians in Sound Stewardship

Financial Counseling

Sound, biblical stewardship begins with the handling of assets entrusted to us while we are living. To assist the Lord's people in this aspect of stewardship, BSS offers general financial counseling services to individuals, local assemblies of Christians and other ministries and organizations. These services encompass general guidance on both planning for the investment and use of assets to meet daily material needs and spiritual goals of the client and on making prudent donations to deserving organizations in the most tax-advantageous manner possible.

On an individual basis, typical services might include:

  • Assisting with budget review and preparation
  • Discussing investment strategies and retirement planning
  • Performing a risk analysis and insurance needs review
  • Reviewing basic income tax planning
  • Implementing advanced tax planning (e.g., avoiding capital gains taxes and making planned gifts)

At the church or ministry level, BSS will work with local assemblies and associated ministries to educate and counsel their constituents through biblically-based stewardship and estate planning counseling presentations and educational literature. We welcome the opportunity to work with any existing tax, financial, legal or other professionals to ensure you receive the best counsel possible to meet goals that are cost-effective, tax-efficient and God-honoring.