Counseling Christians in Sound Stewardship

Church & Ministry Support

The most effective way to utilize our services for the greatest number of people is to work closely with local Christian assemblies and associated ministries. That's why BSS is dedicated to assisting local assemblies and other ministries in educating and ministering to their constituencies in the manner that best serves them and glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ.

BSS has worked with attorneys to provide considerations/guidance as it relates to Corporate Governance and the local fellowship. This includes elements that should be incorporated within the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and a possible Facility Use Policy and Benevolence Fund Policy.

In addition to the educational presentations and literature available as part of our planned giving and our estate and trust planning services, we offer newsletter articles, bulletin inserts, and other materials upon request at no cost or obligation. Although our presentations and materials strongly encourage generous support of the Lord's work as a vital part of sound, biblical stewardship, we have adopted a nonsolicitation policy to ensure we are not competing with any assembly or ministry we are helping. The work of BSS is supported through donations from individuals and organizations as led by the Holy Spirit.

Seminars and educational literature are merely the public portion of our ministry to assist local assemblies and associated ministries. BSS can also help behind the scenes in many important ways. Services currently available include:

  • Endowment management
  • Assistance with nonprofit corporate governance issues
  • Assistance with obtaining tax-exempt status and tax compliance issues
  • Availability of our Donor Advised Fund for managing and distributing deferred gifts

Please contact us to discuss how any one or more of these services might be put to use for your local assembly or ministry.