Counseling Christians in Sound Stewardship


Believers Stewardship Services

Recent years have yielded an explosion of Christian organizations offering various types and levels of estate planning and planned giving services to their donors and other constituents. This phenomenon has produced results both expected and unexpected, both good and bad.

One positive result is that believers who might never be exposed to sound principles of estate planning and planned giving have sources of information friendly toward their Christian convictions. Another is that proper planning helps Christians save literally millions of dollars in estate administration costs and death taxes. Finally, those savings result in millions of dollars being available not only for the needs of loved ones, but also for local churches and ministries engaged in the Lord's work.

On the downside, organizations offering these services must ask already stretched employees to undertake additional responsibilities (often requiring an investment in education) or organizations with tight budgets must recruit and hire knowledgeable people to implement this new program. In addition, planned giving officers often find themselves balancing the pressure to "produce" gifts against the obligation to advise clients on what is in their best interests. While most do an exemplary job of balancing these concerns, there are examples of failure in the industry. Finally, many donors still resist seeking assistance from such organizations because of expectations (spoken or unspoken) or requirements that significant portions of their estates go to that organization at the expense of other beneficiaries or organizations near and dear to their hearts.

Seeing this need among the assemblies, Believers Stewardship Services, Inc. ("BSS") was formed to fill that niche. With a staff of experienced, trained professionals, who are committed to the same New Testament principles as others in assembly fellowship, BSS is able to offer these services, without charge or obligation, so that believers in the assemblies can fulfill their call to biblical stewardship.

BSS is a ministry designed to glorify God by helping Christians accomplish their financial and estate planning goals as part of their call to biblical stewardship. The program has a three-fold  purpose:

  1. To suggest a biblical view for proper lifetime management of the assets entrusted to believers by the Lord;
  2. To address believers' questions regarding proper gift planning and the eventual distribution of their assets; and
  3. To help local assemblies, related ministries and individuals in assembly fellowship implement sound, biblical stewardship practices.

BSS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation looking to the Lord and His people for support. However, we have a non-solicitation policy to ensure that we are not perceived as competing with any assembly or ministry we are helping. By partnering with assemblies, ministries and individual believers in this way, we are able to provide the same services as many other charitable organizations, but without the downside concerns.